Holders of his speech at the closing of the Summer School on municipalism organized by the Castellón PP:

  • "Sánchez cannot allow Bildu's abstention, which is currently being negotiated, to be the one given by the presidency of the Navarra government," he emphasizes.
  • Denounces that, in less than 24 hours, after what happened in the Foral Community, Sanchez's words have been “dismantled” in the investiture debate, where he spoke about principles, which governs the most voted list and what cannot be done deliver to a communist government.
  • It requires the PSOE to "break that agreement immediately" from the legitimacy that gives the PP to have promoted Navarra Suma, joining three constitutionalist parties for the good of the Foral Community, and reminds him that in 2009 he supported him in the Basque Country " in exchange for nothing. ”
  • "What is being negotiated with Bildu?" Asks Gamarra, who points out that "you cannot reduce ethics in politics and make the Spaniards see that the PSOE governs with the support of Bildu."
  • He says that Sanchez is the "doctor failure", since he has two failed endowments, and asks the PSOE not to look guilty outside, in other parties, because "the problem they have and his name is Pedro Sánchez."
  • “Spain is a hostage of the egos and the arrogance of a left incapable of promoting agreements,” says Gamarra, who asks Sánchez and the PSOE what they have been doing during these 90 days, “because they arrived at the investiture session without the duties done and without a government program. ”
  • “It has been four days of marketing and auction of armchairs. This investiture has been a real fraud to the Spaniards and Sanchez should apologize for it, ”he says.
  • He emphasizes that, during this period, the PP has been loyal to Spain, firm in its convictions and that it has responded to the confidence that its voters have placed in it.
  • Remember that Pablo Casado has offered up to eleven State pacts to guarantee the country's governance, obtaining "a slam in response." "Navarra is the demonstration that Sánchez does not pass the cotton test of living up to a great country like Spain," he adds.
  • Underlines the capacity of the PP to reach agreements in communities, councils and City Council, thinking about citizens and the general interest.
  • He emphasizes that the Popular Party is leading autonomous governments of "freedom" as in Andalusia, Castilla y León, Murcia "and soon we will in Madrid."
  • It lists the main axes of the PP policies, such as solvency in management, job creation, guaranteeing the welfare state and freedom.

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