La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra, en la Comisión de Sanidad

• The GPP spokesperson considers that the Government's meeting with the Communities should have taken place “weeks or months ago so that the criteria for returning to the classroom were uniform and clear”; their delay "has led the Autonomous Communities to communicate their own plans, creating confusion due to the difference in criteria."

• Ensures that the meeting between the Executive and the Autonomies had to have been before. "The resignation of Sánchez and the Ministers of Education and Universities, due to having gone on vacation, generates a distrust and insecurity that could have been avoided," he remarks.

• Remember that in July, there was talk of a conference of sector presidents, only on education, which would take place in August, presumably assuming the leadership of the President of the Government himself, “and that will take place out when the course is started ”.

• "The Government is late, as always, behind the virus, and that is penalizing the day-to-day life of a society, and with it that of an economy that has to reactivate itself day by day," he says.

• Advances that in the next meeting between Casado and Sánchez, the leader of the PP will transfer “what he has been offering him in recent weeks and has not even wanted to listen: a legal plan B alternative to the state of alarm, a health pact, a economic plan B and a plan B in education ”. "This is the alternative that the Spanish need and that we would be carrying out if we were in La Moncloa," he asserts.

• Denounces that Sánchez has not spoken with the PP in recent months but he does with parties like Bildu, who "want to destroy the great country that we have." "The PP is very clear that Sánchez does not want to negotiate with us, he has said it publicly," he says.

• Stresses that this "is a socialist and communist government, which is far from the alternative policies that the PP proposes to the Spanish." "Sánchez has chosen his partners for a long time, and with partners who destabilize the constitutional framework, attack the judiciary and the media, nothing can be negotiated," he says.

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