Headlines of the interview

  • Cuca Gamarra on governance agreements: "Now it's time to give stability to these governments, although sometimes the beginnings are difficult," he said.
  • It demands to Vox not to add fuel to the fire nor to enter the scope of the speculation but of the responsibility, the political maturity and the common sense. "Everyone, at this moment in which we play so much, we must be prudent so that the negotiations reach a good port, which is not to disappoint the people of Madrid," he says about the pacts in Madrid.
  • Insists that the PP will not support Pedro Sanchez in his inauguration because it is his alternative and recalls that the socialist leader did not vote for Mariano Rajoy, but resigned his minutes and promoted a motion of no confidence to overthrow a government with more stability than yours. "We will not support Sanchez's government with Podemos, with independence and with Bildu, with whom it is negotiating and reaching agreements, which is what is on the table," he said.
  • Affirms that the PP is demonstrating its maturity and that it will exercise its responsibility. "We are the fundamental and necessary element to form right-of-center governments, negotiating on both sides," he stressed before demanding that the parties say during campaigns that pacts are willing to arrive with the votes of citizens, "the PP has been responsible and said it "
  • Claims not to come with two nominations to the investiture of the Government in Navarra, Navarra Suma and the Socialist Party, and remember what the Popular Party did when he supported Patxi Lopez in the Basque Country, thereby facilitating a constitutionalist government
  • It is in favor of a change in the Electoral Law to implement a second round in the elections. "The times lead us to possibly be the time to face it, we always say the same and then we are not able to face those changes," he said before explaining that the scenario has changed and that if politicians are not able to reach agreements and coalitions, and clarifying things, "that citizens do, can be a very healthy mechanism".

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