“Pablo Casado is the right person to face the new times, from the experience of government and management that the PP has,” says Cuca Gamarra

Stresses that in Spain we are not at an easy time, with an economy that already has signs of recession, a circumstance that “even the government in functions does not hide”

He notes that on November 10 "we have the opportunity to bring together the vote of the center-right to be the real alternative to Sanchez and socialist policies"

He criticizes that Pedro Sánchz decided from the first moment that he would not respect the will of the Spaniards to form a government “that would face the challenges we have as a society”

“The PP knows how to agree and govern,” emphasizes Gamarra, who sets an example Castilla y León, where “we have been able to form a government with policies that think about people”

He affirms that Ávila is an “exemplary” city for its ability to adapt to accessibility, and the Government of Castilla y León is a reference throughout Spain for its social policies and defense of the Welfare State

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