La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra, en la Comisión de Sanidad

  • The Deputy Secretary of the PP demands explanations from the Health Minister after his Department recognized the Ombudsman the absence of the Committee of Experts of the de-escalation
  • To Illa: “If there was no Committee of Experts as stated by the Director General of Public Health, who has made the decisions? When the phase step of an Autonomous Community was stopped, taking refuge in technical aspects, these experts did not exist, therefore they were political decisions, not technical decisions ”
  • He underlines that Dr. Simón is not up to what Spain needs and must cease his role as spokesman for a government in relation to matters that have a direct impact on the economy: “Far from being a spokesperson that gives certainty, it generates uncertainty one day yes and another also causing serious damage to this country ”
  • He points out that if his statements, minimizing the risk of going to the 8-M protests, "were inadmissible and frankly negligent," the statements against tourism "are again negligent and, therefore, are unauthorized."
  • Claims to the Government "certainty and efficiency" in the fight against the pandemic "at a critical moment" of outbreaks: "The Spanish demand certainty and efficiency, but what they find in the Executive is chaos and improvisation, when not negligence and lack of diligence ”
  • Demands to Minister Illa that "in due response" to the memory of the 45,000 Spaniards killed by coronavirus recognize "the opacity and half truths" of the official death toll provided by his Ministry, "the most serious and cruel"
  • Demand "truth, transparency and exemplary" to the Executive also in the number of infected toilets, which has not been updated since July 17
  • It requires the Government to enable PCRs for tourists visiting Spain in order to guarantee that "our country is a safe destination" and carry a security message abroad.
  • Ask Illa about the 1,000 million invested in medical equipment purchases that have not arrived, and about the trackers and the App that should have been ready by the time of de-escalation.
  • He insists on the legislative reform presented by the PP against outbreaks and requires Illa to say “when is the machinery of the Ministry of Health going to start up so that the agreements adopted within the framework of the Commission for Reconstruction are put into practice , be effective and take effect ”
  • Urges the Minister of Health to make self-criticism admitting that "things have not been done well", because "he cannot be satisfied when we are the country in the world with the highest number of infected per 100,000 inhabitants, with the highest number of deaths by number of inhabitants and that it has the record of infected toilets because they have not been protected ”
  • He claims that Illa has confessed "two lies" during his appearance, because the lie that there was an Expert Committee adds a second lie "about the suspension of the framework agreement for the purchase of protective equipment and for strategic reserves, which It was not because there were CCAAs that were late but because of those technical solvency requirements that left out the Spanish company that took the chestnuts out of the fire at the Ministry when their purchases failed. ”
  • Calls for "strengthening" controls at airports to guarantee public health and also establish controls for irregular immigration arriving in our country, with reinforcement for the safety of FyCSE agents

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