Urge Sanchez to apologize for the show he has been giving for more than 80 days

Urges Sanchez to apologize for the "show he has been giving for more than 80 days, for not having done his homework and getting Spain into this mess."

 “Sanchez has been cheating us all. You cannot pretend that with the behavior you have, with the partners that you show us and with your intention to sit down on Podemos in the Council of Ministers, the PP supports you, ”he says.

 Criticizes that during this period it has not been known what the Sánchez Government program and its “preferred partner” is Podemos and points out that it has “preferred allies, incompatible with moderation and constitutionalism” such as Bildu and the independentistas.

 Remember that Casado transferred yesterday to the socialist candidate that “that is not the way to have the PP” and highlights his predisposition to reach pacts and state agreements.

 Underlines that the popular leader has come to all of Sanchez's calls and has extended his hand to governance with state pacts, which have not been accepted.

 As an example, Navarra, where "far from finding an agreement, the response has been a slam and the refusal to support a constitutionalist government, while throwing itself into the arms of populism, independence and Bildu." "That can not be supported by the PP," he adds.

 Understand the "unease of the Spaniards and that they want a government as soon as possible, but you have to know why." "The vote of the PP can not be unlocking, but a guarantee of constitutionalism, freedom and moderation and not a blank check for preferred partners or preferred allies of Sanchez", which question the monarchy and territorial model.

 It requires the PSOE to “accept the rules of the game” and remember that if Javier Maroto did not meet the requirements he would not have been elected regional senator for Castilla y León.

"That the PSOE abandon that path and look in the mirror of what it is to negotiate and governance in Castilla y León, where citizens today have a government after the pact of the PP and Citizens."

 Stresses that Murcia, where citizens know all the agreements, "because they have been absolutely transparent," will also have a "stable government."

 “That the PSOE take note of how the PP guarantees stability where it has the capacity to govern. Just as we negotiate, we govern, ”he concludes.

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