Cuca Gamarra, en la Comisión de Sanidad y Consumo

Holders of his speech:

· He wonders if with Pedro Sánchez “everything is a lie”: “What respect does Pedro Sánchez have to the political groups with which he agrees or to the other deputies who attend a debate? Is it worth any price to stay in power? ”

· He regrets that the Prime Minister has lost "respect for the Spanish" and explains that "time puts everyone in their place", referring to the two reports known this week that show that the authorities knew that they had to take preventive measures in February but they did not. "The truth begins to be known," he adds.

· He asks where the material is and where the money for the purchases has gone, and requests the delivery documents to his Ministry of the material that has not arrived.

· Ask the ministry to disclose all the reports that have been prepared for the phase step of the different Autonomous Communities.

· It argues that the February 10 Report prepared by the Health Emergencies Center of the Ministry of Health, coordinated by Fernando Simón, warned of the high transmissibility and lethality of the virus; and that this shows that "the Government had all the information", while in their public speech they said it was like a flu. "They will not be able to hide their responsibility," he emphasizes.

· He points out that the Government did not recommend the use of masks, social distancing, or airport controls, nor did it avoid holding mass events, despite the warning from the February 10 report that the Ministry of Health has removed from its website.

· “They already knew it wasn't a flu. Why didn't they tell society? The treatment was clear and you ignored it. Why didn't they take action and other countries did? "

· Remember that the demon problem The one that Vice President Carmen Calvo was referring to has to do with "the management of the Government",

· It states that the coroner's report before the judge on the incidence of the spread of the virus from the 8-M protests highlights that if the celebration of these acts had been prevented, mass transmission would have been avoided as it occurred. "If the citizens who participated had been warned, we would have acted differently."

· He denounces that the government's purchasing policy is what has caused Spanish toilets to be poorly protected. "51,100 infected toilets, 22%, do they deserve neither dismissal nor resignation?" Add.

· He argues that the sole mandate of the minister "was to protect health professionals." "The reports and contracts clearly demonstrate that it was purchased to protect toilets and that the disposal of this material should be considered a priority. Purchases that have not arrived," he says.

· Remember that in February Health told the European authorities that Spain had sufficient medical supplies and that "masks and other preventive measures" were not necessary.

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