Denounce that Sanchez is proposing an "all or nothing and if not a new election," and he blames it "does not care for Spain, because" he is thinking about himself and in power "

He says that "the clamp" that Lastra talks about is being done by the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez, who are exercising a "tacticism" in order to repeat the elections.

He assures that the PP "is never afraid of anything, our history proves it and we know how to be in the exercise of every historical moment", but he warns that Spain needs government and not new elections.

Stresses that the PP is the alternative to the PSOE of Sanchez and that Pablo Casado is exercising the responsibility and maturity that the moment demands that we live, offering the socialist candidate pacts of the legislature.

He asks the socialist candidate "to stop playing with Spain and kidnap democracy", and regrets that Congress and Senate can not control the government.

He invites Cristina Narbona to call María Chivite to remind him of her words: "the PSOE has nothing to negotiate with the independentistas".

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