Holders of their statements before the media:

  • The PP will defend "politically and legally" the rights of Spanish families to choose the education they want for their children. "If we have to go to court, we will go," says Cuca Gamarra after the meeting that Casado with regional councilors of Education of the PP.
  • "That right does not belong to the State, or to Pedro Sánchez or Minister Celaá, but, as stated in the Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution, it is a right that no one can usurp families."
  • He insists that the PP will present motions and proposals not of law in the municipalities, regional councils and assemblies to "protect and guarantee" this right.
  • He wonders "where is Pedro Sánchez and what is he agreeing to", because "citizens" want to know the terms in which they are reaching agreements with communists and independentists. "
  • "The Spaniards have the right to know, in first person and with light and stenographers, the negotiations that are being carried out," warns Gamarra, who criticizes that "Sanchez is missing and not even the PSOE knows what he thinks."
  • He affirms that an agreement such as the one that Sánchez is "negotiating in the dark" with Podemos and the independentists "cannot count on the support of the PP in any case."
  • Denounces the “sanitary cordon” that Sánchez is weaving against the PP and emphasizes that it is Pablo Casado who has offered state pacts to Sánchez and the response has been the same: a slam.
  • It requires Sánchez to send the request to a Torra “already politically disabled” and points out that he has the support of the PP. "We don't understand why it doesn't," he adds.

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