Holders of his intervention:

  • He affirms that, since April 28, Sanchez "has dispensed with the obligation that the polls gave him to seek and form a government", putting his personal ambition first.
  • "We are all hostage to his desire to repeat elections, thinking about his ego and personal ambition, under the siren song that he may have a better result."
  • He points out that "when a politician puts his personal and political interests before those of his country, he does not deserve to be the president of all Spaniards."
  • Stresses that the PP is based on "firm principles and convictions" that have their roots in the Basque Country, "where they have fought for life and freedom."
  • The Popular Party has been instrumental in the Basque Country in defeating ETA terrorism and being a "brake" on nationalism.
  • Recommends to the PSOE to take note of the “generosity, the height of sight and the sense of state” of the PP, which facilitated that Patxi López was lehendakari, with the aim that “nationalism did not continue in power and demonstrate to the Basques that there was another way of doing things. ”
  • He commended his colleagues in the Basque Country and stressed that the result of this Convention will mark the project of a “great party” such as the PP.

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