Affirms that "Zapatero is doing work to Sanchez face the investiture to rely on the independentistas"

The Deputy Secretary of Social Policy, Cuca Gamarra, cHe considers that with the declarations on the concession of pardons to the imprisoned politicians, "Zapatero has become the rapporteur" that provoked the electoral advance and explains that these affirmations are framed in the negotiations of the investiture and that both are linked: "Zapatero is doing the job to Sanchez face the investiture to rely on the independence." "What Sanchez does not say, Zapatero says," he criticizes.
He describes as "very serious" that a former president of the Government "interferes with the independence of the Judiciary" and that he speaks of applying pardons to "those who have questioned the constitutional framework of all Spaniards and our model of coexistence."
Warns that "Sanchez is caught soon", has first seated the Bureau of the Parliament of Navarra to Bildu with the PSOE votes and the next line is "leveling the investiture with the votes of the independence" and the statements of Zapatero "They're on that road." Insists that the PSOE support Navarra Suma so that the constitutionalism is at the head of the government of Navarra and demonstrate that the PSN is not supported "neither by action nor by omission" in Bildu. He points out that the election of the president of Navarra will measure "Sánchez's commitment to constitutionalism" and recalls UPN's offer to support Sánchez's inauguration if the PSOE supports constitutionalism in the Comunidad Foral and prevents Bildu from advancing.
Criticizes that the "road map" of Sanchez "is very clear" and goes to reach agreements with the same partners who supported the motion of censure because "he likes the Frankenstein government", alreadysure that "the PP will never be on that path". Urges to act with "responsibility and maturity" to apply "useful policies" in those places where citizens have decided that the center-right parties join to be an alternative government, and ragrees that the PP has demonstrated its ability to negotiate and convert into government the mandate of citizens and ensures that "we will continue to negotiate because we have no doubt that agreements are possible."
Gamarra warns that if this is broken, whoever does it should give explanations to their voters and to society if at the end the left governs. Emphasizes that the PP is a "word match and is negotiating" and complying, to the extent that it has made a "sensible proposal" in the area of ​​councils of government, which are councils with responsibility, and rHe remembers that the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, has said that the structure of the municipal government is not fixed and is willing to continue talking.
It emphasizes that "areas of government are all and the district councils have an important budget and great management capacity", although it considers that "you should not enter which competition I like the most" andhe points out that the people of Madrid deserve a government as soon as possible and a center-right executive is the alternative to the left and "there we all have a responsibility, also Vox.

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