Culture and Sport expresses its desire to dialogue with the Autonomous Communities and the City Councils to reach a State Pact for Culture

"We must think in terms of the country to move Spain forward and move Culture forward," said the minister in his speech. "We agree to make a Pact for Culture, but we have to write the lyrics among all. I am willing to lead it as Minister of Culture, but the offer I have made is that, in this context of total crisis, we do it between everyone".

Rodríguez Uribes has pledged to maintain an open dialogue, as he maintains with representatives of the culture sector, and to hold regular meetings with the Culture Councilors and the FEMP, to consolidate a "spirit of loyalty and collaboration".

The minister and his management team have taken note of all the proposals and requests made by the regional and town council representatives, to whom he has transferred the agreement to consider culture as a "good of first necessity".

Linked to this, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes has highlighted the importance that the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, will participate in the periodic meeting that he maintains with the cultural sector, due to the Government's consideration and respect for this sector. In said meeting, the minister will extend the desire that the cultural sectors form part of this Pact of State.

Before the Autonomous Communities and municipalities, the Minister of Culture and Sport has indicated that within the framework of the pact, action must be taken in all phases of the crisis: the present, de-escalation or reconstruction and future consolidation. And, in relation to this, he declared that "it is important that we think about the day after", [that of the de-escalation that the health authorities will establish], but "it is also relevant that the measures that have already been taken, especially those related with the ERTE, support for the self-employed and unemployment, apply. I will check that this occurs, because the Government is committed to leaving no one behind. "

The duty of solidarity appeals to all of us

The minister has reported that his department is open to favoring all initiatives, public and private, that come both from large companies, from the sector or from nearby sectors "to help at this time of difficult resistance." Rodríguez Uribes has given as an example the initiative that was released yesterday of the contribution of one million euros by Netflix to target the most vulnerable professionals in the world of cinema.

As an example of collaboration, the head of the Culture portfolio has proposed to the Autonomous Communities and municipalities to include their initiatives to access culture through the Internet in the #laCulturaenTuCasa campaign, and launched by the Ministry, to help bring culture closer to homes during confinement.

Lastly, the minister has made himself available to the autonomous regions to start talking to his interlocutors at future meetings about how to raise awareness in society so that it returns to culture normally, something that can be done when the health authorities indicate so.

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