The Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), today released a "Guide to Good Practices for special measures for the prevention of occupational risks in the audiovisual sector COVID-19", which responds to a demand from the sector to have in a single document some recommendations to apply on shootings.

This initiative aims to provide companies and professionals in the audiovisual sector with a useful guide to prevention and protection measures, as well as recommendations to be able to work safely in audiovisual productions, complying with current occupational health and safety regulations, as well as with the sanitary regulation established for the de-escalation process.

Promoted by the ICAA, the main producer and professional associations of the audiovisual sector have participated in the preparation of this Guide, such as: the Association of Audiovisual Associations (AAA), the State Film Association (AEC), the Association of Audiovisual Production Professionals (APPA), the Territorial Table of Audiovisual Producers, Associated Production Companies of Television of Spain (PATE), Independent Audiovisual Producers Federation (PIAF), Federation of Audiovisual Producers (BOW), Spanish Producers of International Audiovisual (PROFILM) and the Spain Film Commission.

This Good Practice Guide contains recommendations in a living document, submitted to a constant revision process, which will incorporate information as circumstances evolve and their impact on audiovisual productions.

The text has been revised by the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (INSST) and their contributions have been incorporated.

Main recommendations

The audiovisual sector produces a wide spectrum of productions every year. Its diverse typology makes it essential to have the advice of the Prevention Service or designated prevention technicians during each production.

Recommendations can be found in the document for each of the departments involved in the production of a shoot.

Among the main recommendations is the revision of scripts to analyze and promote a strategy that guarantees "safe taxiing" in each of the de-escalation phases until returning to full normality; the elaboration of a Contingency Plan for Occupational Safety and Health on COVID-19, which includes preventive and protective measures for each space and workplace, and coordination between all the professionals involved in its development, as well as indications for the location of filming, or the management of cleaning and waste, among other aspects.

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