Daniel Arias, married, father of two children, teacher and candidate to preside over the Community Board in the past Autonomous Elections, has been elected president of VOX in the province of Toledo.

In the case of Toledo, it was not necessary to hold provincial elections, since he was the only candidate who obtained the endorsements to run. Thus, as established by the Internal Regulations for Electoral Processes, Arias was automatically appointed president once the guarantees were counted, and he will preside over the Provincial Executive Committee for the next four years.

He is accompanied in his candidacy by Remigio Díaz (responsible for the inter-municipal of the western area and councilor for the Consuegra City Council); Ana María García; Josefina Blázquez (candidate for the Senate in the last General Elections); Carmen Jiménez (councilor in the Méntrida City Council) and Juan Marín.

Arias explained that "this new Provincial Executive Committee belongs to all affiliates of the province, and is at the service of all." The newly elected provincial president has also affirmed that "it is our obligation to make self-criticism and improve those aspects that require it, as well as promote everything that has been done well."

Arias listed the main points on which the action of this new committee will revolve: “Establish working groups in all municipalities, increase affiliation, create communication channels by zones, Give training courses for working groups, collect the opinion of our affiliates and transfer it to the relevant national bodies and support the youth group and older in their initiatives, among others ”.

Satisfied by the affection and support received during these days, the provincial president said he had "the best provincial team to turn the VOX project into a reliable, clear and real alternative, both in the municipalities of the province and in the region." "We are not satisfied with having two national deputies and more than thirty councilors, the province of Toledo and Castilla La Mancha need another way of doing politics and for that we are going to work," he said.

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