Carolina Darias will exhaust the options for dialogue, understanding and cooperation with all territories

This was stated in an interpellation of the popular group, in which the minister explained, in relation to the dialogue table with Catalonia, that the Government has presented a document with 44 initiatives to improve relations between governments and living conditions of people.

Loyalty and dialogue

The minister has pointed out that the dialogue goes through constitutional consensus and that political problems are resolved through political means, that is, through proposals and dialogue. In this regard, he recalled that the Constitution consecrates to explore solutions through dialogue and negotiation between elected legitimate representatives, as clarified by the Constitutional Court. "Against the previous immobility, this Government is committed to constitutionality to find a safe and legitimate solution."

"From the policies of a Government we can disagree with its objectives, its purposes, its development, and many other issues, but I do not believe that they do any good to the country if, constantly, they question the adequacy of the constitutional framework of each and every one of the actions of the Government, as his party has been doing since President Sánchez took office, "added the minister.

"The solution is through dialogue and agreement, never by imposition. Imposing is losing. It is not stronger who imposes or wants to impose. On the contrary, trying to impose demonstrates one's weakness. Strong is the one who dialogues, who sits talk, who listens to the other's reasons, even if they disagree with them, "he stressed.

Carolina Darias has indicated that the essence of the democratic game is that the Government promotes and directs politics and the opposition exercises control over that governmental work. There are issues that affect the core of democratic coexistence that must be addressed from a State perspective and that require a loyal opposition.

Defense of the constitutional order

After calling on the reunion and overcoming differences, the minister affirmed that in the Spanish State model, the statutes of autonomy are a fundamental piece and their development is an obligation of all public powers, because on that development depends that people improve their living conditions.

"The Government of Spain works for all Spaniards and all Spaniards. It is our duty. This is what our Constitution collects, which is not a safe, as it sometimes seems to part with its words. Our Constitution welcomes us all and all and protect us. Our Constitution is not a chain, it is a hug, "he said.

The minister has stated that, in the search for a solution, the Government has always moved and will continue to move in the margins defined by the Magna Carta, "Use the Constitution politically to attack the Government, claiming to be the only ones, no longer interpreters , but owners of our Magna Carta, does not do any favor to our Constitution, but quite the opposite. "

"In our Constitution we can all and everyone, but in yours, it seems that only you and those who think like you. The Constitution is not, should not be, the patrimony of any political force."

Try the agreement

Also, the minister has wondered if the main opposition party wants to be part of the problem, of the solution or simply want to be part of the landscape. And he demanded that the opposition be tall.

The minister recalled that, only with the popular in power, in Catalonia unconstitutional laws have been voted, independence has been voted and the constitutional order has been altered. "With you or without you, this Government is going to try to meet again, you can continue making noise, but in this Government, wherever we are, you will always find loyalty, that is the difference between you and us," replied the minister.

Carolina Darias has concluded her response by insisting that the Government will seek the agreement "until exhaustion", because it is a constitutional obligation, and would like the PP to be the responsible party, with which solutions and State agreements were reached, before they were allowed to tag by other groups. "We believe in a democracy that is built through dialogue," said the minister, and has claimed the PP height of view, "think of the forty-seven million Spaniards and Spaniards, we have an opportunity for dialogue, and what lets try".

Answer to a question about transfers to the Basque Country: Consensus and sustainability

On the other hand, and in response to a parliamentary question on the transfer of competences, he stressed that the Government of Spain believes in autonomous development, and has explained the agreement with the Basque Government, on the one hand, for the transfer of three matters – school insurance, pharmaceuticals and aid to retirees by ERE-, which will be addressed in the Joint Transfer Commission on March 16.

On the other hand, Carolina Darias has clarified, an indicative schedule of transfers of pending competences has been agreed from June 2020 until December 2021, which includes the start of studies for the examination of matters related to the Social Security economic management, "this is the agreement, not another and always within the framework of the Toledo Pact".

The minister has indicated that this is a tremendously complex issue and that it is essential for the Government to reach the necessary consensus among all parliamentary forces. "Consensus and Sustainability. Sustainability and consensus (…) This and no other has been the commitment that this Government has assumed," the minister concluded.

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