Darias: "We have agreed on a work calendar to accommodate legislative issues to the municipal reality of the 21st century"

The meeting is part of the contacts that the minister has initiated to promote institutional cooperation with the FEMP, and has been developed in an environment of full cooperation.

The minister already remembered last Monday, after the meeting of the National Local Administration Commission (CNAL), that "the municipalities have a fundamental role in the daily life of citizens, therefore, it is necessary to defend local autonomy and reinforce the competences and capacities of local entities."

Promote legislative reforms for local entities

During the meeting, different issues have been addressed, such as promoting legislative reforms or promoting the agreements of the working group in terms of spending rules.

Minister Carolina Darias stressed that "we have agreed on a work schedule to accommodate legislative issues to the 21st century, to the year 2020", and for this we have to adapt the regulations to the reality of the current local world.

In this regard, the minister recalled that this is the first challenge, to adapt the legislative part in collaboration with the FEMP to the current local world, with two channels, one of a more immediate nature, the timely modification of the base law, and another of greater length that will require the necessary consensus for a large-scale, deep-ranging legislative agreement.

The minister has heard the difficulties of personnel that local entities have today, and from the FEMP they have transferred the need to make an effort so that in the large projects of the local entities they can have the qualified personnel they need.

In this sense, Abel Caballero recalled that "it is about strengthening the qualitative and technical level of our local governments, of having high-level experts to deal with other administrations and a well-formed private sector."

The minister has finally stressed that there is a lot of work ahead, providing the content agenda, "so that the Government of Spain contributes to the improvement of public services in municipalities, because that helps improve people's lives, and this Government wants to work to improve the lives of citizens, regardless of who has the competition. "

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