El portavoz adjunto del GPP en el Senado, David Erguido

It requests the Government to "change course, because they are going in the opposite direction, they are leading us against the rocks and there will be no CIS, nor will there be any state of alarm to protect them"

The deputy spokesman of the Popular Parliamentary Group and senator for Madrid, David Erguido, has pointed out to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, that “they arrived late and badly at the health crisis and they are getting worse at the economic crisis, because you have not even saved lives or saved the economy. " This has been explained to him, after asking him who they are and who has given the orders to identify people who carry a flag of Spain and if he shares that citizens can go out with our flag.

During his speech, the GPP senator recalled how in recent weeks "the police have been identifying citizens who took to the streets with the flag of Spain, because it was prohibited during the state of alarm, according to the Government Delegation." And it has influenced how the police have carried out "actions in homes to skip the quarantine", or how "demonstrations have been authorized in the pro-Etarian environment in Pamplona, ​​while they were prohibited in Madrid."

In this sense, Erguido has stated that "many would have liked them to put the same zeal that they put in identifying those who carry a flag of Spain, in identifying those who put on yellow ribbons for independence."

Thus, he has addressed the Interior Minister to affirm that "his problem is not that people keep their distance, nor is Núñez de Balboa, his problem is queues in Aluche due to lack of food and that seems to not concern this Government".

In his opinion, the state of alarm "is full of contradictions, such as that people cannot bury their parents, unless their parents are the political parents of a government party, or that there are no administrative procedures unless they are to bring prisoners closer or grant pardons. ”


At this point in his speech, David Erguido has indicated that the Executive will appear tomorrow in the Congress of Deputies to continue with a fifteen-day "illegal and unjust" extension "in an unjustifiable manner" and that it remains "absolutely ineffective". And he recalled that every day that passes with the alarm state there are 20,000 layoffs and 60,000 ERTES. "And with this scenario, you only think of raising taxes, announcing illogical quarantines for tourism or insulting the hospitality industry," he said.

Erect he has demanded that the interior minister "put an end to this communist experiment, end the state of alarm and if they do not have a plan B, we will lend it to them."

Before concluding, the deputy spokesman of the popular in the Senate has asked him to "change course, because they are going in the opposite direction, they are taking us against the rocks and there will be no CIS, nor will there be any alarm that will protect them."

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