The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, David garcia, said this morning, after the appearance of the Minister of Transparency Rosa Perez Garijo to give explanations about the grants received by the Fundación Centro de Estudios Políticos y Sociales (CEPS), which “We must end corruption, erase it from the institutions and ensure that whoever touches public money is expelled from political life”.

García recalled the close relationship of the second vice president of the Consell, Rubén Martínez Dalmau (Podem) with this foundation, of which he was, nothing more and nothing less, than a founder and became president of the board of trustees and member of the Executive Council when he supposedly received funds from Venezuela of more than 4 millions of euros. "Behind CEPS there is rot and sewers, Valencians have the right to know what a party that is in the Government has been doing and that it has received from Bolivia, Brazil or Venezuela, and that it has ties even with the FARC«.

Institutional social networks: in Spanish and in Valencian

David garcia has defended a Proposition No of Law (NLP) in which it has asked the Consell the creation of different accounts in Spanish and Valencian in social networks of the institutions of the Generalitat Valenciana, since, at present, only Valencian is used and not the two co-official languages, which implies a limitation of access to citizenship that the Valencian does not know.

Some of these networks that only use Valencian are from utmost importance, as is the Twitter page of emergencies 112 (@ GVA112), and also those of Valencian Courts (@cortsval) and the Generalitat Valenciana (@generalitat).

Compromís attacks the Church

According to the motion presented by Compromís, in which the Government of Spain is urged to let the municipalities choose whether or not to apply the collection of taxes and fiscal charges to religious entities, such as the collection of Real Estate Tax (IBI), the deputy of VOX has regretted this "Total and direct charge against the Catholic Church, without taking into account the great social work it carries out and that if the State had to carry it out, it would mean an unaffordable expense for the Spanish public coffers of more than 20,000 million euros a year”.

"This is a clear attack on the Catholic Church. Taxes cannot be left arbitrary, the law must be the same for all Spaniards. Why don't they charge the unions? This is called sectarianism”.

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