The deputy of the VOX Valencian Community Parliamentary Group, David García, denounced today, during the plenary session of the Cortes, that Spain, and specifically Alicante, is suffering a flood of illegal immigrants and has blamed the Consell for generating a call effect with your inclusive income for all. "Every week we are amazed at the uncontrolled arrival of boats to Alicante. Landings have doubled and we have gone from 300 in 2018 to about 700 in 2019 and we are going for more than a thousand this 2020 …”.

Garcia has made it relevant that 88% of the illegal immigrants who arrive in Alicante are Algerians: "They are not from the Congo, nor from Sudan, nor from Libya. They do not flee from war, nor are they refugees. They come looking for easy money and that says the press of his own country. They do not come undernourished, they come clean, with cash, with high-end mobiles and they pay up to 2,500 euros to the mafias to come”.

"Spaniards first "

The VOX MP has accused the Botanist of encouraging illegal immigration with "paguitas": "While you promote illegal immigration, the Spaniards are without work, without a future and abandoned. The money of the Spanish for the Spanish. It is not racism, it is reality. We are not against immigration, we are against illegal immigration and against the abandonment of thousands of Spanish families”.

It has also denounced that half of the boats that arrive in Alicante are infected with coronavirus. "Our toilets, our policemen, are putting their lives on the line. Facing illegal immigration: expulsion. Against the abandonment of the Spanish: Solidarity. Against the progressive consensus: dissent. In front of the Botanist: VOX. Spaniards first”.

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