Holders of his intervention:

  • "Subjecting the financing of health, education, dependence or payment of invoices to suppliers to the investiture of Sanchez is an improper misdeed of a democracy like the Spanish," says Jaime de Olano in his speech at the Plenary Session
  • It denounces that the Government had 74 days in full of functions and dedicated them to campaigning with their “socialist Fridays” instead of providing CCAA, municipalities and councils with financing that corresponds to them by law
  • He described as unacceptable the Government's claim to transfer to others the inability of Sánchez to obtain support that "his person" fails to obtain
  • He accuses Minister Montero of appealing to a report that did not exist, and that was leaked to a media outlet within 48 hours of discovering his gross lies
  • It states that Sánchez and Montero do not intend to solve the problem of regional financing, since they have not required the legal services of the State to provide a solution
  • Ask Minister Montero why the “ghost” solution to the financing problem can be applied on December 15 and not on September 15
  • The PP's solutions to this problem are: enable a zero-cost loan to get the money to the administrations involved, or use extraordinary financing mechanisms, such as the FLA
  • Contrasts the reality of autonomous communities, municipalities and councils, which work at full capacity and provide essential public services, to that of the "Government in functions that has only one function": make Sánchez president

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