Holders of their statements before the media:

  • He affirms that "the PSOE has never wanted to agree anything with the PP" as confirmed today by Deputy Zaragoza who says he is more "comfortable" agreeing with ERC than with the PP.
  • Request the appearance of the acting Foreign Minister in Congress to "explain the incident of Bolivia with Spanish diplomats" to the complaint of the Bolivian Chancellor.
  • Appeals to the sensible PSOE to "avoid the drift of Sanchez, who 18 months ago decided to leave the constitutionalist bloc and get into the arms of the independence parties" and warns that "the future of a nation can never be decided in a prison with a criminal "
  • He denounces that the Sánchez government is the "most opaque of democracy." “He has not given explanations for the greatest case of corruption” the ERE of Andalusia and now he does not give explanations for the freezing of pensions and the salary of officials.
  • He accuses Sánchez of not appearing before the Spaniards to explain "what he is negotiating with Junqueras, convicted by the Supreme Court for serious crimes of sedition and embezzlement."
  • He insists that the PP will continue with the “legal and parliamentary offensive to ensure that sentences in Spain are complied with” and that is why a remedy has been presented to the Central Electoral Board for Junqueras and Torra to lose their status as deputies.
  • He criticizes Sanchez for being "pressing the State Advocacy to act as a defense lawyer for criminals convicted by the Supreme Court."

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