Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Olano says that, following the PSOE-Podemos pre-agreement, "we have attended the greatest exercise of political transvestism that is remembered in Spanish politics."
  • He criticizes that Sánchez has gone from saying that he could not sleep with Iglesias in the Government, to "pretend to sell to all Spaniards that it is absolutely essential that he be vice president."
  • “He has gone on to say that Podemos is a synonym for ruin and unemployment, to which he has solutions to the crisis, and to state emphatically that he would never agree with populists to try to convince Spaniards that the most advisable thing is a government where half of the members are of Podemos ”.
  • He affirms that Sanchez's word "is worthless", because "he is able to say one thing and in ten minutes do the opposite."
  • He regrets that Sanchez, in his letter to the militancy, does not dedicate a single word to Catalonia and that “hide that he is negotiating with ERC, with whom the Constitution and laws are being skipped”.
  • He wonders where the “sensible PSOE” is that two years ago rejected an agreement like the one that Sánchez “wants to sell as essential” today with “populists and independentists”.
  • He emphasizes that the PP will exercise an opposition “with responsibility and seriousness” and that it will act as a “containment dam” “against attacks by a government that will not believe in individual or economic freedom or private property”.
  • He reiterates that the PP will present a motion in defense of freedom of education in the Autonomous Community and City Hall before the "first indication of curtailing a constitutional right."

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