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The GPCs spokesman for Economy regrets that the Government is "more eager to prepare lifeboats than to avoid the shipwreck" and recalls that the governments of Madrid and Andalusia have made

"The best social policy and the only sustainable one is to prevent people from losing their jobs," said the spokesman for the Economy of the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Marcos de Quinto, who asked that the "priority focus" be to help the self-employed and companies "to overcome this slump" because, "the fewer shipwrecked in this crisis, the fewer layoffs we will regret and the less need for social spending we will have." For the economic spokesman for Ciudadanos (Cs) in Congress, "this crisis does not come out against companies, but for them."

In the session of control to the Government that has been celebrated in the Congress, the deputy of the liberal formation has asked the Executive to recognize "the work of freelancers and companies, which are leaving the skin in this crisis" maintaining the supply "of medicines and food "in all towns and cities. "They have even managed better than you the acquisition and donation of certain medical supplies," De Quinto warned the Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño.

"The duration and severity will depend on both the successes that we agree on and the stupidities that we avoid," said the GPCs economy spokesperson, who has used as an example of these statements the open debates on "the leadership of the State, self-determination or the nationalization of companies. " The Cs deputy recalled the measure of liberal training in Madrid and Andalusia, where the autonomous governments have taken over "the quotas of the self-employed to prevent them from throwing in the towel and closing down."

"They are more busy preparing lifeboats than avoiding the wreck," De Quinto criticized, adding that "it seems that the government is more comfortable dropping businesses and planning subsidies than working to prevent SMEs and freelancers close the closing ".

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