Fernando de Rosa

Fernando de Rosa wonders if the Ministry "has something against" the prison officials and reproaches Grande-Marlaska for "trying to escape" before facing the problem

Remember the serious attacks suffered by this group, 239 attacks in 2019

Affirms that it is also necessary to address the issue of wage equalization

The spokesman for Justice of the Popular Group and senator for Valencia, Fernando de Rosa, has affirmed today, during the debate of a motion of the PP in the Interior Committee of the Upper House, that "it is urgent to recognize the authority figure of officials of prisons ”. For this reason, the motion of the GPP urges the Government to draft a Law on personnel of penal institutions, because as explained by the popular senator, “the regulatory framework of the prison bodies, included in the general bodies of the General State Administration, and regulated by Law 39/1970 on the restructuring of penitentiary bodies and Law 36/1977 on the organization of special penitentiary bodies, are insufficient ”. Finally, the motion has been approved with a compromise that reads, verbatim: "The Interior Commission urges the Government to draft a Bill for the Personnel Regime of Penitentiary Institutions, which reflects the peculiarities of the penitentiary administration within the framework of the General State Administration, recognizing its own specificity ”.

Fernando de Rosa has wondered if the Ministry "has something against" the prison officials and has reproached Minister Grande-Marlaska for "trying to escape" before facing the problem. " In addition, he recalled that the union representatives have requested a meeting on several occasions, "and the minister is silent in response." During his speech in defense of the motion, de Rosa stressed that "we want to be the voice" of the body of prison officials, while praising the work they do "to protect the population and reduce the risk of recidivism." . Likewise, the popular senator recalled that this group “suffers vicissitudes and, on occasions, serious attacks. Thus, in 2019 the Ministry of the Interior has registered 239 attacks on prison officials and in the last six years, the figure is 2,200.

"It is probable that when we leave here up to two prison officials have been attacked," he denounced. In his opinion, “it is essential to establish effective initiatives for the prevention and action against the attacks suffered by officials in their interaction with inmates, in the performance of their job. The solution is to appoint them authority, make no mistake about it ”, he insisted. “I want to think – he said – that we agree that there is a need for recognition of the work of prison officials as agents of the authority, for the sake of the defense and legal security of employees; together with a system of legal coverage, as well as the reclassification of penitentiary centers considering that there cannot be nine different categories, with different remunerations, but with similar functions ”.


On the other hand, Fernando de Rosa also wanted to address the issue of salary equalization and stressed that a specific Law for prison officials "must provide for a fair equalization", as well as address the aging of the workforce. Finally, the GPP Justice spokesman stressed that this Law “supposes a reinforcement of one of the basic pillars of the prison system, since it is essential to create a real professional career for this group, which regulates positions, functions and their specificities, in order to stop being diluted in the general bodies of the General State Administration.

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