Mujer, por encima de todo

Like every March 8, the Popular Party commemorates International Women's Day, a date that symbolizes society's effort to achieve equality of women and men. An appointment that this year coincides with the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the 2030 Agenda, which places gender equality worldwide as one of the objectives of sustainable development.

In the Popular Party we believe that equality must be a purpose shared by the whole society. A reason for collaboration, unity and not division. An end that commits us all, regardless of our sex, age, condition or political orientation.

In this sense, we recognize the value of the Spanish Constitution of 1978 as a framework that enshrines in our country the legal equality between men and women, as set out in article 14.

The 1978 Constitution has been the essential basis for the immense progress towards full equality that has occurred in Spain in the last four decades. An advance that has been substantiated in all areas of society, from the world of business, administration and politics to science, culture and sports, to name a few. Something that would not have been possible without the determination of so many women who, publicly or privately, have opened the path of equality for all.

We defend freedom and the dignity of every person, as the holder of rights and duties. We advocate a mature and open society, where the shared value of equality is manifested in the full equalization of opportunities and in the articulation of the tools that make it possible for every woman to conquer the goals set. A society in freedom that puts a brake on any discriminatory clipper that prevents women from developing the fullness of their talent and abilities. A society, in short, in which women and men move together until the complete eradication of all forms of prejudice or inequality.

Hence our program “Woman above all”Dedicated to defending and highlighting the dignity and freedom of women to decide on their own lives.

We do not accept exclusive views on how to work for women.

Although Spanish society has made great progress towards equality, we are aware that situations of discrimination persist in daily life. In the Popular Party we are determined to combat any type of discrimination or violence that occurs due to sex.

The fight against gender violence must be one of the priorities of public authorities and of society as a whole. The reality of the victims of this violence cannot be ignored, and we all, without exception, must commit ourselves to its eradication.

Therefore, we insist on the need for all political parties to work together within the State Pact against Gender Violence, approved by the Congress of Deputies in 2017, at the initiative of the Government of the Popular Party, to promote the eradication of the violence suffered by women at the hands of their partners or former partners as a true state policy.

We are concerned about female employment. Employment is one of the conditions that most affect equality. We defend equal opportunities in access to the labor market and equal pay for women and men.

We also have to ensure that motherhood does not become a brake on the professional development of women. It seems to us an immense political error to repeal the labor legislation that has facilitated the greatest number of women working in our history. We must influence reconciliation, flexibility and the rationale of schedules so that men and women can freely and responsibly agree on the best way to combine the care of their children with their professional career.

For all this,

  • We reaffirm the value of the Spanish Constitution of 1978 as a fundamental legal framework for equality between women and men.
  • We recognize all those pioneer women who throughout history have opened the path of equality with their example.
  • We pledge to continue fighting violence against women, developing the State Pact against Gender Violence.
  • We insist on the need to work for equal opportunities, which has one of its fundamental areas in employment.
  • We recognize the need for effective equality of men and women in all latitudes, in accordance with the principles of the UN contained in the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

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