The Ministry of Defense and the Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities -according to the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality- have signed a general protocol of action to establish a framework for collaboration in equality policies aimed at military and civilian personnel for the period 2019-2022.

The document has been initialed by the general director of Personnel of the Ministry of Defense, Adoración Mateos Tejada, and by the director of the Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities, Rocío Rodríguez Prieto.

This protocol gives continuity to the collaboration that both Departments have in equality matters and will be specified in the activities that will be reflected in the corresponding annual agreements.

One of the main objectives is to continue working on gender and equality training. In this sense, the international course will be promoted to train the military and civilian personnel of the European Union in terms of gender in operations, which will be deployed in international missions of the European Union. EU, OSCE, NATO and UN.

This course, which is certified by the European Security and Defense College, will also be taught at the national level for Spanish military personnel who participate in international operations.

Other training activities that will be reinforced are those directed to personnel assigned to the protection units against harassment and to military personnel with responsibility for equality.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense will organize a seminar as a leader in training in gender discipline, a leadership that it assumed in 2016 after being appointed by the Military Committee of the European Union.

This appointment implies that the ministry marks all the contents of the gender training for the military personnel deployed in missions of the European Union.

Finally, activities will be programmed to promote the leadership of women in the Armed Forces.

The renewal of this protocol, which began in 2012, responds to the firm purpose of the Ministry of Defense and the Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities to promote equality policies in the coming years.

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