Defense regulates the bases for the military to compete as elite athletes

This order recognizes as high level and high performance athletes those members of the Armed Forces whose performance and classification place them among the best in the world and in Europe, and who are duly accredited by the Higher Sports Council or the Autonomous Communities.

In addition, those who have won individual or team medals in a World Military Championship or in the World Military Games will be considered outstanding military athletes; or have won an individual gold medal in a national military championship.

On the other hand, the regulations include a package of actions to promote and support within the Armed Forces the dedication to high competition sport and technical preparation.

Thus, various support measures are provided for military high-level, high-performance athletes and prominent athletes, such as facilitating their training or concentration from a nearby unit, or the dispensation of conducting guards one month before competitions, among others.

In addition, the Higher Council for Military Sports (CSDM) will provide the equipment and sports equipment necessary to represent the Ministry of Defense in the championships, facilitate travel to the test site, and manage financial assistance to contribute to licensing expenses, Registration or other needs arising from the competition.

Likewise, the Ministry of Defense may grant these military athletes the distinctions, decorations and awards it proposes.

This order is the result of a joint proposal from the Ministries of Defense, Interior and Culture and Sports, and with the prior approval of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function.

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