These measures, which are included in an instruction by the Undersecretary of Defense, are the result of the experience acquired in the three years of application of the Protocol and the implementation of the Units for Protection against Harassment (UPA).

The main objective of this Department is to promote speed and diligence in the proceedings to guarantee the immediate protection of the victim.

In this way, the performance of the heads of unit is given greater prominence and the composition of the Units of Protection against Harassment that will have representatives of the three scales and will assume the functions, from now on, as a character of exclusiveness.

The reinforcement of support for victims with improvements in actions is another of the main pillars of the initiatives included in the action protocol. To this end, the principles of confidentiality and indemnity are intensified to avoid any damage in his professional career on the occasion of the complaint.

In addition, each Unit of Protection against Harassment will be obliged to draw up a comprehensive individualized support plan, according to the specific needs of each case, which will integrate all the necessary measures to facilitate medical and psychological care as well as counseling. Legal, professional and social.

Likewise, the accompaniment to the victim is facilitated in the realization of all those administrative, judicial or any other procedures that require related to the situation of harassment.

Prevention is another area that has been addressed in the new protocol framework. Therefore, and in order to avoid harassment behaviors, mechanisms are established so that the unit heads have specific training in the field either through the training established by the armies or through the training that facilitates the Permanent Secretariat of Equality.

It is significant that one of the tasks assigned to the heads of unit is the early detection of those behaviors or work environment that could lead to a situation of harassment. In addition, in each unit there will be a person with specific harassment training whose designation will be known by all members of the unit.

Finally, the uniformity of statistical data and the monitoring of cases of harassment by each Unit of Protection against Harassment is reinforced.

All these measures are included in an instruction by the Undersecretary of Defense, within the framework of the principle of zero tolerance for sexual harassment and sex behavior. The initiatives were referred to the Armed Forces Personnel Council, where professional associations with representation in said Personnel Council made their proposals.

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