The deputy for Cantabria, Emilio del Valle, has intervened in the Plenary of Congress in relation to the motion that aims to guarantee the water supply to the municipalities of the Bay of Santander.

Del Valle has declared from the Tribune that “we cannot be denied water. You cannot play with what belongs to all Spaniards. The Government must approve at once an authentic National Hydrological Plan ", has reminded the Government.

That is why Del Valle has insisted on the idea that "All the resources generated in Spain and available to Spain correspond to all Spaniards". «We don't care if we talk about educational resources, if we talk about health resources, water resources; any type of resource that is generated in our country corresponds to all Spaniards ”, he assured.

“For VOX, the supply of water to a city is a priority over any other use, and if Santander needs water in summer, and it is common sense that it receives it from the Ebro reservoir, it must receive it; in the same way that this water must be distributed throughout the Ebro basin, and if it is also needed in Zaragoza, It will be necessary to determine which is the interest most in need of protection, without the regionalist egoism that is being promoted », has explained demanding that the discussions between communities for the distribution of water be concluded and that they bet on a National Hydrological Plan.

In this speech, the Deputy of Vox for Cantabria has reproached the change in attitude of the Regionalist Party, which in 2017 had a "not belligerent tone" while now "he is in times of idolizing Pedro Sánchez ”and Revilla's party is“ calm ”because“ they have done their homework ”.

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