The Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, proposes the creation of a working group to study measures to strengthen judicial bodies and prosecutors, in addition to those already underway, within the framework of the Comprehensive Plan for the Campo de Gibraltar approved by the Government.

The Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, has met in Cádiz with the main judicial and prosecutorial authorities of the Campo de Gibraltar area to know the current situation and needs of its judicial bodies and prosecutor's offices. The minister has proposed the creation of a working group composed of judges, magistrates, prosecutors and lawyers who will study measures to strengthen the Administration of Justice, in addition to those already under development, to meet the volume of work derived from the action police in the area and the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan for the Campo de Gibraltar.

The minister stressed that the approval in November of this plan It has allowed the Government to carry out a set of actions aimed at boosting the local economy, reduce unemployment and fight against the growing crime in the area.

Among the measures adopted in the area of ​​Justice, it is expected that in the months of September and October the four courts approved by the Council of Ministers will enter into operation through Royal Decree 1459/2018, of 21 December. This is, in particular, the Court of Instruction No. 5 and the Criminal Court No. 5 of Algeciras, the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 5 of the Line of the Conception and the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 3 of San Roque The magistrate's seat in the seventh section of the Provincial Court of Cádiz, based in Algeciras, which was created with this royal decree, is now operational.

In addition, it is expected that the 14 new positions of second category prosecutors created by Royal Decree 255/2019, of April 12, to expand the staff of the prosecutors of the province of Cádiz, the border provinces of Málaga, Almería and Granada, and of the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, are already at the end of the year already occupied by titular prosecutors.

Minister Delgado also highlighted that, since its inauguration in March, the Office of Asset Recovery and Management located in Algeciras has processed a total of 45 files, carrying out actions to locate, conserve and manage assets derived from criminal activities, thus contributing to alleviate the workload of the courts and prosecutors in the area.

The president of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia, Lorenzo del Río, participated in the meeting at the Provincial Court of Cádiz; the superior prosecutor of the autonomous community, Ana Tárrago; the president of the Cádiz Provincial Court, Manuel Mª Estrella; the president of the Provincial Court of Malaga, Lourdes García; the chief prosecutor of Cádiz, Mª Ángeles Ayuso; the chief prosecutor of Malaga, Juan Carlos López; the deputy prosecutor Antidroga de Cádiz, Ana Isabel Villagómez; the chief prosecutor of the Area of ​​Algeciras, Juan Jacobo Cisneros; the Secretary of Government of the Supreme Court of Andalusia, Diego Medina; the coordinating secretary of Cádiz, Pedro Jesús Campoy; the magistrate dean of Algeciras, José Alberto Ruiz; the magistrada dean of the Line of the Conception, Raquel Gómez; and the magistrate de San Roque, Javier García.

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