Delgado has pronounced these words in the act he has celebrated with the president of the Spanish Committee of UNICEF, Gustavo Suárez Pertierra, for the ratification of the commitments of the Convention on the Rights of Children, on its 30th anniversary.

During her speech, the minister indicated that the Convention, approved by the United Nations on November 20, 1989 and ratified by 195 countries, represents a "global commitment" that makes us aware that childhood "is not just the present, but also the future "so guaranteeing your rights is a" vital necessity ".

Ministry of JusticeThe head of Justice has indicated that protecting children implies compliance with the law by all, legislate to meet the needs of minors and eliminate obstacles that prevent their integration into different areas of society.

Delgado has also stressed that investing in the education of children is a weapon of prevention and fight against different forms of inequality and has called to listen more actively to their demands to move towards a more prosperous society. Specifically, the minister has referred to minors who are leading actions worldwide in favor of human rights and the environment because, in her defense, they have become "militants" in the transition to a fairer world. .

The event held today at the Parcent Palace, has been attended by a group of children from the Participation Councils of the Spanish UNICEF committee who have asked society to respect their rights and a greater commitment to equality.

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