The Acting Justice Minister, Dolores Delgado, has pointed out that public policies have been and are the engine of social changes, as well as the initiatives of many "courageous and inspiring" women who, throughout history, have fought for the rights of the entire collective.

The Acting Justice Minister, Dolores Delgado, underlined in Barcelona the Government's firm commitment to real and effective equality of women and men and highlighted its transversal nature capable of permeating all institutional action for the benefit of society as a whole.

During her speech at the 2nd Women Business & Justice European Forum organized by the Bar Association of Barcelona, ​​Dolores Delgado recalled that, in Spain, the equality of women and men has been legal for 12 years thanks to the Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, approved by a socialist government. A pioneering law in the legislative development of gender equality rights in our country that has not prevented, as the minister has pointed out, the lack of parity that we still carry in the public and private sectors, and a wage gap that is still in 17.4%

An inequality that also occurs in the Justice, has indicated Delgado. According to recent data, approximately 53% of the members of the judicial career are women, although only 20% of these judges occupy management positions. Similar disproportion occurs in the Public Prosecutor's Office. A situation that drives to take measures to break glass ceilings and glass labyrinths that put barriers to so many women in the development of their careers. The minister has defended the gender quotas and the need to take into account as part of the curriculum of the professionals the time dedicated to motherhood and care.

Delgado has listed the concrete measures on equality and gender promoted over these months by his department. At the normative level, one of the first decisions was the creation of a commission of experts to review the Law of Criminal Procedure from a gender perspective and study possible modifications in its text. Also, regarding crimes against sexual freedom, the minister recalled the work entrusted to the General Codification Commission to study a reform of the Penal Code that prevents to degrade the seriousness of these conducts. Two projects that, due to lack of time, could not succeed in the previous term.

The minister also referred to gender violence, which is "the greatest reflection of inequality with respect to women", and stressed the importance of continuing to strengthen the specialized training of legal operators, as her department has done in the past. last months, for better institutional care for the victims of this scourge. Dolores Delgado has also called for greater attention to the education that young people receive to prevent sexist behavior from the earliest ages.

During his speech, the Minister of Justice recalled, among others, the figures of Federica Montseny, the first woman who was Minister of a Government in Spain, from which she promoted important social policies, and Gertrude Mongella, an African policy committed to the struggle feminist that in the World Conference on Women of 1985 claimed the role of men in the fight for equality. Recalling his allegation, Delgado has called for the complicity of the other half of society to advance and promote "proactive policies of equality" for the benefit of all.

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