Denounced seven young people who were surprised by the Civil Guard making a barbecue in Alicante

They celebrated a birthday in the common areas of an urbanization in Guardamar del Segura (Alicante)

Also in Alicante, a patrol has discovered two men stealing oranges and lemons

The Civil Guard has denounced seven people between the ages of 19 and 32 for breaching the restrictions of the state of alarm. The young people were caught celebrating a birthday party in the common areas of an urbanization in Guardamar del Segura (Alicante).

It was the phone call from an individual that alerted the Civil Guard. Upon the arrival of the agents, they found seven people celebrating a birthday, in which alcoholic beverages, barbecue and festive clothing were not lacking. All of them were proposed for sanction for breaching the decreed restrictions.

Citrus robbery

Also in the province of Alicante, two men have skipped the confinement to steal 30 kilos of oranges and lemons. The events have taken place in the Alicante town of La Llosa de Camacho.
The ROCA Team (Anti-Theft Team in the Field) of Calpe received notice that a possible theft was taking place on agricultural land. Upon arriving at the farm, the agents surprised two men who were picking oranges and lemons and putting them in the trunk of a car.
When asked about the reasons for leaving his home and being there, one of them stated that "he was only governed by Universal Law" and that the codes and other regulations of the Spanish State do not affect him, because "his law is above everything ”.
Regarding oranges, they stated that they had not seen any privately owned signs on the land, so it was understood that the fruit is the property of everyone and that they could take them from the trees.
A crime of theft is imputed to him, at the same time that they have been proposed for sanction for being on public roads without a justified reason, one of them being a repeat offender.
The 30 kilos of oranges and lemons have been returned to their owner.


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