The senator of VOX for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, has demanded this Tuesday from the Government more policies focused on caring for the elderly to improve care for this group and prevent them, as happened in the pandemic, from being neglected or from reaching out to their pensions as Zapatero did. Faced with the motion presented by the PSOE to create a study paper on the aging process in Spain, Merelo has been very clear: “If they want to do something for our elders, they have three missions: not to freeze their pensions; withdraw the euthanasia law and remove Mr. Iglesias, and all his entourage, from the Government ”.

The senator recalled that last July, VOX took a motion to the Upper House to urge the Government to create a Contingency protocol for Covid-19 specific for nursing homes that was rejected by the socialists. "Now, two months later, and to clean up their image, or to try, they bring us a motion to study the aging process and they say that in Spain and Europe, we aspire to age with all the rights and guarantees of well-being", has Merelo lamented to reproach the Executive for these words coming "after having neglected our elders during the coronavirus pandemic."

"The Government has allowed the elderly to die for a simple reason, they bother them, and they probably bother them because they consider it a conservative vote," denounced the senator, who has demanded to know the exact number of elderly people who have died from Covid- 19. He has also underlined how one of the executive vice presidents addresses the elderly as "old", denigrating the generation that "built the middle class that the Government is now destroying."

Merelo also recalled that it was the Socialists, "under the terrible mandate of Zapatero", who "dared to freeze the pensions of our elders." Therefore, he has asked, "Are they going to do it again?" and has demanded that the government "speak out."

“They talk about coexistence between generations, but the first law they presented was the Euthanasia Law. They are obsessed with death, to the point of pretending that doctors are the ones who kill the elderly, instead of thinking about our elders and a palliative care law, ”Merelo has reproached the socialists. The senator, who recalled that the GP VOX presented an amendment to the entirety of the euthanasia law of the PSOE, which would guarantee palliative care throughout Spain, has asked the socialists to stop ignoring, for partisan interests, the VOX proposals and start listening to your "four million voters."

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