Detained couple responsible for the illegal detention and murder of a neighbor of Getxo (Bizkaia)

The authors, a couple residing in Pedrola (Zaragoza), engaged in theft of extreme violence and illegal detentions

To choose their victims they used a well-known social dating network

The Civil Guard, in collaboration with the Basque Autonomous Police, has arrested two people residing in Pedrola (Zaragoza) as alleged perpetrators of various violent crimes, including the murder of José Antonio DELGADO FRESNEDO.

The alleged perpetrators, M.A.D., a 35-year-old Moroccan, and H.C.A.L., a 34-year-old Venezuelan, are charged with crimes of murder, illegal detention, extortion and robbery with violence.
The disappearance of the deceased was reported on September 9 before the Basque Autonomous Police, which requested days later the collaboration of the Civil Guard, after verifying the existence of cash withdrawals with the bank card of the disappeared person at various ATMs in localities of the Province of Zaragoza. From that first moment, a search device for the disappeared by the region of the Ribera Alta del Ebro was launched by the Commando of the Civil Guard of Zaragoza.
The investigations made allowed to conclude that the disappearance of José Antonio had been forced, since in the aforementioned extractions of money a hooded person participated, to which the location of the missing person's vehicle, announced on a car buying and selling portal, should be added already in the possession of a neighbor from Zaragoza who had bought it.

Modus Operandi: dating portal

Once the circumstances of the disappearance were known in detail, it was observed that the authors used a very specific modus operandi, with which robberies with violence had previously been carried out in the Province of Zaragoza: the arrested woman was publicized in a well-known portal dating, showing the intention of meeting men to maintain intimate relationships. Once he had a conversation and located a man with a desire to meet her, he proposed to have an appointment in little crowded places in towns near Pedrola, where the victims, upon arrival, would be violently assaulted and illegally detained.
The aim of the authors with these facts was the removal of the belongings and vehicles of the victims, as well as the exercise of violence on them to obtain the keys of their credit cards and thus extract cash from their bank accounts. Once achieved, they abandoned their victims, still clotted and hooded, in rural areas of the area.
So far they are charged with three facts with the modus operandi described, the last one being the one that ended with the murder of the victim.

Corpse location

The research and analysis of technical records, allowed to focus the search device of José Antonio, already active from the knowledge of the facts, over a wide desert area to the Southwest of the town of Pedrola, managing to locate last Friday, September 27 , buried about eight kilometers from the municipality, the lifeless body of the disappeared.
The phase of execution of the operation was carried out on October 2 with the arrest of these two people, performing three household records and the corresponding Technical Eye Inspections in the Zaragoza municipalities of Pedrola and Luceni, in which personal belongings were located of the murdered and two other victims, vehicles, weapons, biological evidence, electronic devices, documentation and other abundant indications of their participation in the serious facts investigated.
The investigation, which is still open, is being coordinated by the Zaragoza Prosecutor's Office and the detainees will be available to the acting Court of the Aragonese capital.
The investigation has been carried out by the Central Operating Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard together with the Organic Judicial Police Unit of the Comandancia de Zaragoza, with the support of the Basque Autonomous Police.


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