Detained in Portugal the biggest "Capo" of sex tourism with minors, according to Colombian authorities

In 2018 it was decreed its international search by INTERPOL, at which time the Civil Guard followed the trail of this dangerous criminal in Ibiza and Barcelona, ​​until finally locating it near Lisbon

He is an Israeli ex-military resident in Colombia since 2009, where he established one of the largest networks of pimps in that country.

The Judicial Police of Portugal, with the collaboration of the Civil Guard and the National Police of Colombia – DIJIN OCN INTERPOL Colombia, has arrested in Lisbon AMBM, a dangerous criminal of Israeli nationality claimed by the Colombian authorities through INTERPOL, as responsible for the creation of an international network of Trafficking in Persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation, including minors, all camouflaged in apparent tourist businesses.

Although this person was expelled from the South American country in 2017, a few months ago his search and location was activated through an O.I.D (International Detention Order), also because he belonged to an international criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering.
According to the information participated by the Colombian authorities, the Civil Guard considered the possibility that this person was establishing in Spain and Portugal, a criminal organization similar to the one that favored his international and disarticulated requisition in Colombia.
For all these reasons, the Colombian National Police requested support from the Justice Fugue Team of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, which, within its specific mission to carry out searches of people fleeing from the justice, both from our country and from foreign authorities, especially those considered to be of certain danger and complexity, gathered sufficient evidence that accredited that AMBM was temporarily hiding in Ibiza and later moved to Barcelona, ​​where it was recorded by a security camera and recognized by the researchers.
Following the trail of the fugitive, the agents fixed their whereabouts in Oeiras (Portugal), where after a meticulous work of the Judicial Police of the neighboring country, they located it just when he was going to change residence again, all in his eagerness to keep large security measures towards your person.
At that time, A.M.B.M was arrested along with his partner by the Fugitive Group of that police body, at which time he carried falsified Israeli documents, although the subsequent de-censal study carried out by the Portuguese authorities confirmed the real identity of the detainee.

Operation against Clan Benjamín in Colombia

He is now detained, an Israeli ex-military man who landed in Colombia in 2009 as a tourist, later managing a tourist hotel in the Taganga region, in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia).
Over time, this hotel mainly housed Israeli tourists, being in turn visited by young people, even minors, to engage in prostitution with guests.
This hotel complex became a real bunker, and its regent, the now detained, was called by the local press as "The Untouchable" or the "Demon of Taganga", which accused even politicians and police authorities of being in collusion with the activities of the enclosure.
For all these reasons, the Office of the Prosecutor and the National Police of Colombia carried out in December 2018 the operation against the "Clan Benjamín", in which 5 people were arrested, 2 of Colombian nationality and 3 of Israeli nationality, in addition to generating warnings of INTERPOL against 11 Israeli citizens and intervention of 12 property valued at 16 million euros.
This investigation developed by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and INTERPOL of Colombia, allowed to detect different activities in some aberrant cases with minors, such as slavery, sexual acts and sale of narcotics.
A.M.B.M has important links with Colombian networks of drug trafficking and prostitution, such as the "Clan of Jerusalem" and "The Office of Envigado", also attributing a homicide and an enforced disappearance of Israeli citizens.
In our country, this operation has been carried out by the Justice Fugue Team of the Central Operative Unit (UCO), with the support of Units of the Civil Guard Zones of Catalonia and Illes Balears.


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