The Ministry of Development has launched the 2019-2020 winter road campaign in the State Highway Network, with the provision to weather conditions of 1,418 snow plows and 245,460 tons of fluxes (mainly salt), distributed in 348 warehouses and 546 silos.

The special device for this winter road campaign is operational from November 1, 2019 until April 30, 2020.

Winter road operations pursue, in accordance with the established action protocol, to maintain the roads of the State Highway Network in winter, when they are affected by snow or ice problems, in the best possible conditions of comfort and safety , in accordance with the Service Levels set for each of the sections of the network.

All the stretches of roads of the State Network have been assigned a Service Level, with priority being given to highways and highways, as well as those roads with greater traffic intensity (IMD) and those that serve as access to provincial capitals and populations of more than 20,000 inhabitants.

This campaign is about guaranteeing, as far as possible, safe traffic on state roads in situations of frost and snow.

Within winter road operations it is planned to carry out preventive and curative treatments in situations of low temperatures and in case of snowfall on roads affected by these phenomena.

The main objectives are the prevention of the formation of ice sheets on the roads when frosts are expected; Information to road users of any incident with sufficient notice; and in case of snowfall the removal of snow to minimize traffic disturbances as a result of them.

An adequate treatment of the winter road is conditioned by an accurate and known weather forecast well in advance (which is not always possible) and by the conditions in which the snowfall occurs (traffic intensity, peak hours, access to large cities …)

Therefore, one of the best measures to be taken is in the hands of the citizens: that they comply with the recommendations made by the authorities in adverse weather situations.

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