The PP candidate says that "I will make dialogue and consensus permanent policy, the fundamental basis of liberal thought" and proposes "to reach agreements and sign agreements with all the Autonomous Communities that we need, because collaborating and breaking down barriers, it is done more Spain ”.

The PP spokeswoman and candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, today highlighted her commitment to Spain and the Community of Madrid, with the unity of the country and with the framework of coexistence of 1978. “Love Spain it is the best way to govern the Community of Madrid, ”said the popular candidate in her speech at the Investiture Plenary held today at the Madrid Assembly and in which she has marked the political principles that will guide her government action.

Díaz Ayuso is committed to respecting the symbols of the State: flag, shield and anthem. "At this moment so politically convulsed, Madrid is the key piece of our country," he said. The candidate to preside over the Government of the Community of Madrid has been proud of Spain, its Constitution and its King. “I wish to express my gratitude to the work of the Monarchy, from the time of the Transition to the present day, for maintaining the unity of our country and for guaranteeing coexistence in Democracy,” said Díaz Ayuso.


During his speech in the Madrid Parliament, he has offered what his recipe is to politically confront one of the main problems, which in his opinion, the Spanish society faces: “We must not only fight against nationalisms by facing them; also helping to build the business, educational and coexistence fabric, ensuring the free mobility of families and companies, and that the Spanish receive equivalent services throughout the country.

In this sense, Díaz Ayuso has also opted for collaboration between regions as a solution for those who want to divide us: “I intend to reach agreements and sign agreements with all the Autonomous Communities that we need. Because collaborating and breaking down barriers, Spain becomes more ”.


The popular spokeswoman has identified with a way of doing politics based on agreement and consensus: "I will make dialogue and consensus permanent policy, the fundamental basis of liberal thought." Therefore, he stressed that "our obligation is to seek consensus in the peremptory matters, in the essential ones, because the Community of Madrid expects us to solve the problems, not the brilliance of our confrontations."

Díaz Ayuso has underlined the pillars that will guide his government action: Freedom, lower taxes and efficiency in public services. And it has also marked the path of how to carry out its policies: “I do not want a government leader, but help the six and a half million Spaniards in Madrid on the way”.

For the candidate of the Popular Party, the Government of the Community of Madrid must be “an Administration that accompanies, among other things, thanks to officials and public employees who carry out their work effectively, regardless of the political party that governs”. And in this regard, he stressed that "good officials are a guarantee of an effective Administration."
The candidate to govern the Community of Madrid has stressed that she will maintain the principle that solidarity that has guided previous governments of the region but without renouncing to claim to the central government what is fair to the people of Madrid.


“I do not intend a government installed in the claim, but do not expect in the central government that Madrid be treated unfairly without reply. We cannot maintain solidarity with the General State Administration and other regions without tools: from autonomous financing to infrastructure investment, ”said Díaz Ayuso. In this sense, he has warned that the Community of Madrid should be treated as it deserves because “if Madrid stops, it stops Spain”.
Another of the challenges facing today's society is the instability of politics and governments. Therefore, Díaz Ayuso has advocated a stable government that solves the greatest number of problems. "Political instability has a direct impact on the management of public services, on investments and on the image of our region," he argued.

The candidate and spokesperson of the PP has vindicated the role of politics and especially of the deputies: “At a time when politics suffers considerable criticism, I want to claim the role of the honorable Members? Our role? as intermediaries between the needs of society and the solutions that are required. We are obliged to set an example of efficiency and responsibility. ”

To conclude his speech at the Plenary of Investiture in which Díaz Ayuso is presented as a candidate to preside over the Community of Madrid has made a final reflection to the Chamber: “Can you imagine a place to live in Freedom, with Security, with conciliation of family and work, with the lowest taxes, and with the best public services? That place exists: it is called Comunidad de Madrid ”.

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