07-01-2020 | Cs

The liberal deputy emphasizes that they continue to work for "political and moral obligation with utility and without tension" and reproaches that "some parties have not done so"

"We are satisfied, more than twenty Citizen proposals are going to be assumed by the Government", announced the deputy of the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Guillermo Díaz, who has also detailed that "they are important agreements in Health, Europe and Economy " Díaz has pointed out that "the Government has accepted the majority of Cs proposals" and added that "there is still time for them to rectify and reach an agreement on social policy".

"The Executive is in time to rectify, we do not understand the stumbling block of not including in the agreements and in state aid to concerted education and special education," explained the also member of the National Executive of the orange training. "If they change their position, it can be good news," he said, while he asked that "they do not leave out the freedom of parents to choose where they want to educate their children due to ideological biases in some political ideas."

The liberal deputy has highlighted that the attitude of Cs has prevailed "the utility and not the tension". He also stressed that they have reached out "to all the political forces that were about to work" and that they have studied "all the proposals". "Those who want to destroy are not at the table for reconstruction," he summarized. "Since this crisis has begun, all political forces have had the political and moral obligation to help, some have not, we have," said Díaz, who also explained that "we are focused on saving lives, reconstruction, save the economy, improve health, reach social and European agreements to overcome the crisis as soon as possible with the least possible damage ”.

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