Remember the figure of Miguel Ángel Blanco: "Contrary to what it may seem, it is difficult to talk about Miguel Ángel Blanco, but I do it with great respect"

Remember the figure of Miguel Ángel Blanco: "Contrary to what it may seem, it is difficult to talk about Miguel Ángel Blanco, but I do it with great respect. To talk about this in 2019 is really complicated, when we have colleagues who assimilate living in freedom after the struggle of so many ".
Gago insists on the importance of this school for NNGG: "For us today is an important day. Miguel Angel Blanco Summer School is the most important event we can organize during the year ", and cRitual the position of those who whiten the ETA terrorist: "we were stupefied when we see that even the Basque Nationalist Party contributes to the whitening of parties that do not reject or condemn the ETA murders".

The President of New Generations reprocha the interview with Arnaldo Otegi at RTVE: "we were amazed when we see that the terrorist Otegi is given the opportunity to speak on public television radio. That's why we are demonstrating in front of RTVE. We do not agree with a terrorist speaking and whitening his image on television that all Spaniards pay. We condemn it and we oppose it. "

Insists on the importance of offering a Evaluation of the Baccalaureate for Access to University only: "we are a youth organization of a party that believes it is necessary to generate a change in our country. We propose to give the same opportunity to grant the same education for all Spaniards without distinction with a unique EBAU proposal ".
He affirms that NNGG is an organization with a view to Europe and a sustainable future: "we want to be the party that carries the green flag of our country. Leave the next generations a sustainable future. We want to build a common Europe that increases opportunities, cohesion and exchange with other countries to be even more competitive "
It takes stock of current political events: "José Luis Martínez-Almeida or Jorge Azcón have shown that in the face of the populism of the left, we have a completely different way of governing, because we think of citizens, not positions."
Diego Gago fixes the position of NNGG in front of the negotiations for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez "we reject the negotiation model of Sánchez and the Marquises of Galapagar, who fight for who will occupy an armchair or another," andsigns that the PP disagrees with the strategies of agreements that have been seen in recent months for the Presidency of the Government: "We will not sit down to discuss the future of Spaniards thinking about armchairs and positions, but in the future of citizens. That is the difference between how the left politics and how the Popular Party makes politics. "

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