El diputado Diego Gago, en la Sesión de Control al Gobierno

  • The PP deputy recalls that the Minister of Labor "in the spring he taught the children what ERTES were; in the fall, as they do not extend the coverage period, you will have to teach them what the EREs are, and at Christmas, unfortunately, what it is to have no gifts.

  • Calls on the Government to listen to Pablo Casado and also listen to the unions and businessmen who request the same as the PP president: "the extension of the ERTES term until December 31.

  • Calls on Minister Díaz to "nor do with the destruction of employment what Mr. Iglesias does with the tragedy of the residences, which is to avoid his responsibility, spread the blame and try to get out of the way.

  • The Minister of Labor refers to his management of ERTES, since "It is notaware of the drama that thousands of Spanish households are experiencing right now for not having charged a singlethe euro ”

  • He underlines that "the PP labor reform is the one that is making a shield, a guarantee to not have six million unemployed."


  • TOaccuses the Minister of Employment of being "a fraud for the interests of Galicia and for Spain".

  • Remember Yolanda Díaz who eight months ago led protests for the survival of Alcoa, a crucial industry for the economic development of an entire region of Galicia, accused the PSOE government of inaction and worried about the future of the hundreds of families who depend on the As Pontes thermal power plant. "Where are these claims now, Mrs. Diaz?", The question

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