Digital skills as a lever for digital transformation

The coronavirus crisis has made it clear that the challenge of digitization is not optional; What was an objective in the medium or long term has become a short-term priority and urgency, on which the survival of most companies depends. Taking into account how much technology and digitization are helping us in these difficult times, it is essential to make a greater effort to consolidate and increase technological progress in Spain and its companies.

The president of Telefónica, Jose Mª Álvarez Pallete, pointed out in his speech at the CEOE Business Summit last June: «It's like we've been put in a time capsule and we would have advanced five years in digitization». Along the same lines, Fuencisla Clemares, director of Google Spain, referred, at the same summit, to the fact that «COVID has revealed the relevance of technology in all fields». «I think it has also marked the recovery road, which is none other than continue betting on digitization of the company and Spanish institutions at all levels»he added.

The latest DESI Report "Digital Economy and Society Index", which measures the performance and evolution of the EU Member States in terms of digital competitiveness, includes, among other indicators, human capital. "Spain is below the EU average (position 16), with 43% of people between 16 and 74 years old who still lack digital skills," he says.

In the latest edition of CEOE Digital Plan 2025 published in June 2020, it also shows that "the employee of the future must meet those competencies that allow them to better adapt to change. (…) If workers are trained in the new technologies that affect their work, it is encouraged greater adaptation to cultural change ”.

CEOE Campus he knows first-hand the challenges that companies and their professionals face, and we provide them with the development tools they need to boost their competitiveness. For this reason, and with the aim of promoting digitization in Spain through knowledge, we have closed an alliance with The Valley Digital Business School. With this agreement, CEOE Campus and The Valley will work together to offer professionals and companies access to training in digital skills they need to improve their competitiveness in the market and their employability opportunities, reduce their reaction times to changes in the digital economy, increase its adaptation and accelerate its application to new circumstances.

The Valley's collaboration as academic partner of CEOE Campus in digitization programs begins with Keys to Digitization, which begins next October 5, Digital Professional Program, which will begin on November 12, and Digital Leader Program in 2021.

In the words of Nuria Torrijos, director of the Digitization area at CEOE Campus, «the digital transformation has accelerated since the outbreak of the pandemic, however, the challenge now lies with the professionals who have to change the cultural CHIP by embracing technology and innovation keep going. This collaboration makes it possible to add those professionals who have not yet done so »

For Ana Delgado, Chief Education Officer & Partner at The Valley and academic director of the program, “the arrival of the pandemic has changed the way we do things, both personally and professionally. We are now in a changing environment that has highlighted the need for digital skills that allow professionals to adapt processes to the new reality, in order to continue being successful and relevant. Thus, with this agreement, we make the expertise of the digital ecosystem The Valley available to continue helping companies and professionals to take advantage of the opportunities of the digital economy, always having knowledge as a premise ”.

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