Disarticulated an important criminal network that altered the biological paternity of newborns

Women of foreign origin in an advanced stage of pregnancy entered Melilla and gave birth to their children in the city's regional hospital, where they obtained the optional documentation of birth.

Subsequently, and upon payment, a man of Spanish nationality appeared in the civil registry and registered the newborn as the biological child of both

With this deception, the mothers, who lacked connection, roots and Spanish documentation, obtained legal residence and Spanish nationality for their babies

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the STEM operation, has dismantled in Melilla a criminal network that altered the biological paternity of newborns. In this way, it was possible for women of foreign origin, who lacked Spanish ties, roots and documentation, to obtain legal residence and their babies Spanish nationality.

40 people have been investigated for alleged crimes against the rights of foreign citizens, falsification of documents and alteration of paternity.
Likewise, the alteration of the paternity of 36 newborns of foreign women, registered in the civil registry of Melilla as children of Spaniards, has been discovered.
The operation began when indications of suspicious practices were obtained, consisting of behaviors and acts that pregnant women of foreign origin adopted in the city of Melilla with other people of Spanish nationality, with whom they were not linked by any closeness, affinity or kinship. .

Modus operandi

Before proceeding to the closure of the land border as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic last March, pregnant foreign women passed to Melilla through the Beni-Enzar border crossing. And once in Spanish territory, they delivered their newborns in the city's regional hospital and obtained the corresponding optional documentation of birth.
After delivery, they reached an agreement with men of Spanish nationality, residents of the city, usually with limited economic resources and some with criminal profiles, who offered to appear to be the parents of the newborns, receiving in exchange payments of amounts that ranged between 1,000 and 3,000 euros.
In this way, they achieved registration before various official bodies, pretending and claiming to be their biological parents, through deception and concerted falsehood.

Regulation of irregular immigration covertly

With the document that the hospital issued to the mother after childbirth, the citizen of Spanish nationality, obtained upon payment, went to the civil registry and registered the newborn as their own biological child and that of the foreign mother.
Subsequently and after obtaining the family book, the DNI for the newborn was requested at the National Police headquarters and at the immigration office of the Government Delegation the N.I.E. for the mother.
In this way, people of foreign origin in an irregular situation regularized their stay in Spain, through a fraudulent procedure.
DNA samples have been taken from those now investigated in order to prove, by collation of biological samples, the false data provided to the different official bodies.
As representative examples of this plot, the one of a man who has registered six newborn children in the registry stands out, as his biological children and of five different biological mothers.
The investigation has been carried out by agents belonging to the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Commandery of the Civil Guard of Melilla. Likewise, the biological tests have been carried out by the Central Criminalistics Service.


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