– The organization, which was perfectly structured and with the roles of its members fully defined, was engaged in defrauding companies, with which they previously had some kind of commercial agreement, through computer attacks
– The agents made four records in Malaga and arrested six people, including computers, bank cards, a multitude of documentation, jewelery valued at more than 4,000 euros and 2,950 euros in cash.
– In Castellón, the agents registered two houses and three ceramics companies, arresting 15 people and seizing a lot of documentation, 16,350 euros in cash and a high-end vehicle valued at 150,000 euros § The so-called "Operation Ciao-Estribo", has been settled with the arrest of 21 people and the seizure of 78 bank accounts. In addition, it has managed to clarify a money laundering of five million euros

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