Disarticulated an international organization dedicated to drug trafficking and vehicle theft

It has arrested 19 people and carried out 7 entries and records, dismantling 4 marijuana plantations in different locations in the province of Granada

For the transfer of the drug to European countries, they had legally created a trade route with Germany fruit transport

They took full advantage of drug trafficking by stealing high-end vehicles in several European countries, which were used to distribute the drug and finally for sale

The Civil Guard, within the framework of Operation KNIGHT II, ​​has dismantled an important organization dedicated to international drug trafficking between Morocco and different countries of the European Union, mainly Germany.

19 people of Moroccan and Spanish nationalities have been arrested and charged with crimes against public health, belonging to a criminal organization, forgery of public documents, theft of vehicles and defrauding of electricity. Most of them had numerous records for the same facts and even some with European Detention Orders in force.

This group was led by a very secretive Moroccan family clan, in which even the sisters of their leader were married to their own lieutenants.

The investigation begins at the beginning of this year by the Team Against the Organized Crime (ECO) of the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard based in Malaga, when the investigators have knowledge of the activity of a possible criminal group based in Granada, who could quickly be attributed the shipment of certain amounts of hashish and marijuana to Berlin (Germany).

Maximum performance to drug trafficking

The organization investigated was totally autonomous, structured with the aim of getting the most out of the traffic of narcotics at the international level, for which they had several perfectly differentiated cells.

Initially, the hashish was acquired by them in Morocco and introduced in the peninsula by several routes, being later stored in the province of Cádiz, prior to its distribution.

As far as marijuana is concerned, the part of the organization based in Granada, managed and coordinated the cultivation, production and collection of the drug extracted from various plantations, as well as its distribution to several European countries, where in some of them the value of the same one it gets to triple with respect to Spain.

Fruit transport trade route

The transport of the different substances, at a national level, was done through passenger cars and vans, which were used to practice "caletas" or double funds, but for the international, the organization had legally established a commercial route with Germany of transport of fruits mainly, whose trucks were used to transfer notorious amounts of narcotic drug camouflaged between the apparent legal burden.

In order to collect those shipments, the carriers themselves charged the drug recipients by hand.

On the other hand, this organization received high-end vehicles stolen in different European countries, mainly in Belgium and France, returning them to Granada, where they "made up" by falsifying the number of the frame and reconfiguring the electronic switchboards of the same. Later these vehicles were used to transport the drug and also for its sale.

Finally, the operating phase of the KNIGHT II operation has been carried out in different towns in the province of Granada, where the leaders of this organization resided, with the arrest of 19 people and the realization of a total of 7 records that they have allowed the dismantling of 4 marijuana plantations, as well as the intervention of 8 vehicles used to transport the different narcotic substances. .

The operation was conducted by the Court of Instruction number TWO of Marbella (Malaga), and carried out by the Organized Crime Unit (ECO) of Malaga belonging to the Central Operational Unit of the Civil Guard, with the support of different Operational units of the Civil Guard Command of Granada.


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