Disarticulated an organized group dedicated to the sale of stolen vehicles

They were dedicated to the theft of vehicles in the national territory, falsified their documentation and numbers of frame; later they were sold in countries of the European Union

There are 3 people arrested, 9 vehicles have been seized and the patrimonial result defrauded and put at judicial disposal amounts to about 350,000 euros

Joint operation of the Civil Guard and the Municipal Police of Madrid

The Civil Guard and the Municipal Police of Madrid, within the framework of Operation Panaserra, have dismantled a criminal network at national level, dedicated to the theft of vehicles, for their subsequent handling and sale in different countries of the European Union.

There are three people detained accused of documentary falsification, reception, against public health and belonging to a criminal group. A total of nine vehicles have been seized and the equity result defrauded and brought to court amounts to to about 350,000 euros.

The investigations began in November 2018 and a joint team was created to monitor the persons involved who falsified the documentation and "makeup" the vehicles for sale.

Modus Operandi

The main ringleader of the organization he entrusted another group with the theft of the vehicles of a specific brand to which, later, they manipulated the identifying elements and manufactured a falsified documentation, which they later used for the sale of the same.

The first phase of exploitation has been carried out in Madrid, Leganés and Toledo and five homes have been registered, two storage and a large warehouse in which they hid different material and made the handling of the vehicles. Three establishments, open to the public, related to the organization have also been inspected.

In the registries a lot of counterfeit documents have been intervened, such as 51 circulation permits, 15 ITV stickers, 81 sticks from different landers for license plates, 43 official stamps and two stamps-stamps, all of them from Germany.

In addition, 18 Austrian driving licenses, 10 Danish registration certificates, two blank circulation permits from Bulgaria, 16 blank Spanish circulation permits, 15 Technical Inspection cards from Spain and one Citizen Registration Certificate have been seized. of the European Union.

In one of the records, a package of about 280 grams of cocaine mixed with methamphetamines was also found.

They have also been seized different material with which they eluded police forces and simulated keys, satellite frequency inhibitors, next-generation geolocators, readers and magnetic card cloners, GPS tracking devices, OBD readers, and 311 blank magnetic cards, keys of bent vehicles and their virgin sprays, large amount of personal documentation of the members of the plot on behalf of third parties with different identities, blank checks, promissory notes, mobile phones and a mechanical puncher for the use of manufacture of license plates.

Numerous tools have also been used to manipulate the chassis numbers and for the falsification of vehicle documentation. It has attracted the attention of researchers the large amount of material for the falsification of official documents, intended for vehicles and people, computer equipment, document laminators, blank holograms, printers, inks etc.

Likewise and due to the large amount of documentation that remains to be analyzed and the computer equipment seized so far, they can be related to the theft of more than 1,000 vehicles, distributed throughout Europe.

The operation has been developed by the Central Unit G.I.A.T. of the Traffic Grouping of the Civil Guard and the District Unit U.I.D. of the Municipal Police of Hortaleza (Madrid). To carry out the operation of the police operation, it has had the support of the Teams of the Commanders of the Civil Guard of Madrid, Toledo and the Municipal Police of Leganés.

The police proceedings and the detainees have been transferred, with the collaboration of the Main Post of Tres Cantos, to the Juzgados de Instrucción that hear the case. The operation continues open, and the arrest of more people related to the facts investigated is foreseeable.


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