Disbanded in Huelva a criminal organization dedicated to the drug trafficking of hashish from North Africa

There are seven people arrested, more than 2,000 kilos of hash have been seized and numerous vehicles and vessels have been seized.

Joint operation of the Civil Guard, the National Police and the Tax Agency

Agents of the Civil Guard, the National Police and officials of the Tax Agency, in a joint operation, have dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking of hashish from North Africa. The operation has had the collaboration and support of the French Customs.

There are seven people arrested, more than 2,000 kilos of hash have been seized and 3,000 euros in cash have been seized, as well as numerous mobile phones, four vehicles, two motorcycles, three boats and two jet skis.

The investigations began after detecting a strong rebound of criminal activity against public health, in its drug trafficking modality, of certain people close to this type of crime in the province of Huelva. After the first inquiries, it was found that these people formed a criminal organization that used semi-rigid boats, known as Narcolanchas or rubber bands, to travel at high speed between areas of northern Morocco and the Huelva coast, transporting large amounts of cannabis resin or hashish, and introducing them in Spain, thus offering a new gateway to Europe for its subsequent distribution.

The researchers determined the intention of the organization to introduce a semi-rigid boat that transported hashish to the Spanish coasts, for which a device was established to detect it before its arrival in the coastal strip of the area between Ayamonte and Isla Cristina.

Through the combined use of a helicopter and a patrol boat of the Provincial Maritime Service of the Civil Guard, in addition to personnel on the ground, it was possible to intercept the ship with the cargo it contained, and the crew fled. In it 2,090 kilos of hashish wrapped in 69 bales of burlap were seized. In addition, it was possible to expand the number of members of the identified criminal organization, by observing how several vessels tried to supply fuel to the one that transported the narcotic substance.

Once the members of the criminal organization were fully identified, as well as the fundamental and hierarchical role that each one of them developed, a mechanism was devised to proceed with their arrest. Three simultaneous entries and registrations were made in the localities of Islantilla (Isla Cristina) and Punta del Moral (Ayamonte), using for this intervention units of the National Police and the Civil Guard, supported by research staff of both Corps. and of Customs. Later two other records were made in a warehouse and a store, located in Isla Cristina and in Ayamonte.

The amplitude and showiness of the device has caused great commotion and restlessness in the area, since on April 24 there was an aerial pursuit through the use of a Civil Guard helicopter of a semi-rigid boat loaded with hashish, across the river Careers that separates the towns of Isla Cristina and Punta del Moral.

This situation has become more frequent as a result of the great police pressure to which the criminal organizations based in the Campo de Gibraltar, which have been forced to move their activity to more remote areas, where they lack solid infrastructures, have been subjected for months. or settled.

The efforts of coordination of the intervening personnel gave their fruit when integrating the capacities of different Units of the three Bodies, being these, on the part of the Civil Guard, the Organ of Coordination of Operations against Drug Trafficking (OCON), as well as the Unit of Citizen Security of the Commander of Huelva (USECIC), the Cynological Service, the Company of Ayamonte, all of them belonging to the Civil Guard Command of Huelva, and in the case of the National Police, the Specialized Response Group against the Organized Crime (GRECO), Unit of Drugs and Organized Crime (UDYCO), Unit of Prevention and Reaction (UPR), as well as Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency.

The Operation has been directed by the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 5 of Ayamonte and by the Anti-Drug Prosecutor's Office of Huelva.

For more information, contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Seville at 630 90 04 03.


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