Dismantled a criminal group of Albanian origin specializing in theft of inhabited homes

The leader of this group was already known for the use of extreme violence in his actions, as in the assault on the home of a well-known audiovisual producer in 2007, so he was already arrested

Four people have been arrested and 14 robberies committed in Castilla y León, Asturias and the Community of Madrid have been clarified.

Among the victims of these robberies stand out several players of the Professional Football League whose homes were assaulted in recent months

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the HABITAT RINIA operation, developed with the collaboration of EUROPOL, has dismantled a criminal group specialized in the theft of dwellings inhabited in different parts of the Spanish geography, fourteen (14) criminal acts committed in Different points of Castilla y León, Asturias and in the Community of Madrid, investigating their participation in other events are similar characteristics.

The operation has resulted in the arrest of 4 people, MZ, SZ, JA of Albanian nationality and AJB of Spanish nationality, accused of crimes of belonging to the Criminal Group, theft of inhabited housing, reception of stolen material, theft of vehicles and falsehood documentary film. Likewise, a fifth person, also of Albanian origin, has been placed in Search and Capture International for his involvement in the investigated facts.
4 domiciliary registrations have been carried out, 3 in Madrid capital and 1 in the province of Toledo, in which many effects related to the investigated facts have been intervened.
They have also recovered several high-end vehicles, which had been stolen in different inhabited houses and subsequently used for the perpetration of other similar robberies, for which they changed the license plates.
Analysis and study of different modus operandi
The operation begins as a result of the increase in robberies inside dwellings with residents inside the Spanish geography, causing a great social alarm due to the personal and emotional situation in which the victims remain.
Through the analysis and continuous study carried out by the agents who are experts in the investigation of these types of crimes and of the different modus operandi as far as robberies are concerned, the investigations focus on several Albanian individuals specialized in home theft inhabited, very itinerant and with great skill when it comes to perpetrating their actions.
One of the investigators, considered the leader of this group, was already an old acquaintance of the agents, since he was arrested in 2007 for his involvement in the robbery perpetrated with extreme violence in the home of a well-known businessman and audiovisual producer.
Focusing the investigation fully in this group, the agents corroborate the great security measures adopted by them in their mere routine displacements, as well as, above all, in the surveillance carried out on possible homes where they can act.
One-month robbery campaigns
Another criminal characteristic to be reviewed by this criminal group is that they moved to our country for approximately one month, during which time they committed numerous robberies, then returned to their country or third countries, in which they acted in the same way, and so on in different cycles.
On each return to Spain, it was possible to verify the use by the investigated of different homes, vehicles etc., making the agents' work difficult.
The group consisted of five people, all men and Albanian nationals, who interacted with each other in the form of cells, relieving themselves for the commission of the different robberies, thereby ensuring the operational continuity of the group in case any of them were arrested .
This group, every few days, got rid of the jewels and stolen objects through a perista of Madrid, which has also been arrested, which transformed the jewels into gold that could not be traced.
In a global way, with this operation, it is intended to clarify a significant number of criminal acts, in addition to those that have already been clarified, all of them committed in luxury urbanizations of several provinces, and among which are some of the robberies committed in the homes of members of professional football teams such as Real Madrid or Atlético de Madrid.
This operation has allowed the intervention of a large number of effects from the criminal acts investigated as jewels, cash and electronic material, eight high-end vehicles from theft, tools and materials used for the commission of robberies, as well as various documentation, both in paper and digital media, electronic, computer and communications media that are being analyzed by researchers.
The operation, under the protection of EUROPOL, has been carried out jointly by members of the Organized Crime Section of the Central Operating Unit of the Civil Guard and the Organized Crime Team of the Comandancia de Madrid, with the support of the Unit Judicial Police Technician, all under the direction of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Alcobendas (Madrid), which has decreed the entry into prison of the three people of Kosovar origin and freedom with charges for the fourth person arrested, of Spanish origin.


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