Dismantled a criminal group specialized in committing moon landings in shops in Madrid and Toledo

14 high-end vehicles, a caravan and different equipment have been recovered, all valued at around 300,000 euros

In the operation, five people have been arrested and charged with 52 criminal actions committed between Madrid and Toledo

Agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police have dismantled a criminal group specialized in committing moon landings in commercial establishments, especially mechanical workshops. In the operation, five people have been arrested and charged with 52 criminal actions committed in Madrid and Toledo.

Agents from the organic units of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Toledo and Madrid and of the Provincial Brigade of Judicial Police of the National Police, initiated a joint investigation last August to determine the identity of the components of a criminal group that he operated in both provinces.
The organized group was committing robberies through the moon landing procedure in different establishments and they did not hesitate to use violence if they were caught by the owners, even using firearms to threaten their victims.

They stole especially in mechanical workshops

Their actions were directed especially towards mechanical workshops, stealing up to six of them in a single night, where they stole tools and machinery, as well as high-end vehicles that they later used to commit new crimes. They also acted in other establishments such as service stations.
After the investigations of both bodies, it was possible to determine the criminal actions were being committed by a criminal group specialized in the lunar landing procedure, verifying that they were four men with strong ties of friendship between them, some with great skill behind the wheel and that they had already been arrested numerous times by agents.
They were also able to determine that the members of the criminal group, settled in the city of Madrid and in the Toledo municipality of Casarrubios del Monte, changed residence on a regular basis to hinder the investigators' investigative work.
In a joint operation, a device was established to arrest the five men, which was carried out in the parking lot of the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.
After the arrests, two house searches were carried out in the town of Casarrubios del Monte, in two houses that were illegally occupied, where numerous effects from the investigated robberies were recovered, as well as 14 high-end vehicles and a caravan. all this valued at about 300,000 euros.

Robberies in 22 locations

The criminal actions were committed in 13 towns in the province of Toledo – Ventas de Retamosa, Otero, Lominchar, Recas, El Casar de Escalona, ​​Cebolla, Carpio de Tajo, Yuncos, Yuncler, Casarrubios del Monte, Santo Domingo Caudilla, Escalonilla and Hiormigos – and in 9 municipalities of Madrid – Madrid, Navalcarnero, Alcorcón, Ciempozuelos, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Torrejón de Ardoz, Coslada, Getafe and Algete -.
With this investigation, the criminal group has been dismantled and 52 criminal actions have been clarified – seven robberies with violence and intimidation, 21 robberies with force, seven vehicle thefts, one crime of attack on law enforcement officials, one crime of damage and another belonging to a criminal group -.


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