Dismantled a criminal group specialized in crimes against heritage

Twenty people have been detained and are charged with 51 crimes committed mainly in towns in the provinces of Toledo and Madrid

A submachine gun and three pistols, abundant ammunition and € 17,000 in cash have been intervened in the records.

Material from a well-known sports brand worth more than € 400,000 and 7 stolen vehicles has been recovered

The Civil Guard and the National Police within the framework of the joint operation Enduro-Wizard, have dismantled a criminal group specialized in the commission of crimes of robbery with force in things and vehicle theft. Twenty people have been arrested and charged with crimes of belonging to a criminal group, one crime of robbery with violence, 14 crimes of robbery with force in things, 11 theft of vehicles, 3 crimes of theft of license plates. 1 of injuries, 6 crimes of falsification of documentary, 2 against traffic safety, 1 of damages, 1 of theft, 2 of disobedience, 2 crimes of illegal possession of weapons, 3 of cultivation or elaboration of narcotic drugs and 3 of defrauding the electric fluid.

17 searches have been made in towns in the provinces of Toledo and Madrid, in which a submachine gun, two pistols, € 17,000 in cash have been intervened, in addition to sports equipment from a well-known brand worth more than € 400,000.

3 high-performance marijuana facilities have been dismantled and 141 plants and 41 grams of this drug, already dried and packaged for distribution, have been seized.

This criminal group was characterized by acting in the robberies with speed and forcefulness, usually using the moon landing or butrones to access the interior of establishments or companies, managing to make butrones between adjacent ships, subtracting effects from all of them. On one occasion they rammed the vehicle of a security guard and on other occasions they even rammed official vehicles of patrols from the Civil Guard and the Police.

Activity during the Alarm State

During the first days of the state of alarm, this criminal group stole from a dealership in Ocaña (Toledo) 8 motorcycles (2 of them recovered), in the town of El Tembleque (Toledo) committed a robbery with violence and intimidation of a vehicle transporter truck, threatening with a knife to the driver. At the industrial estate of San Agustín de Guadalix (Madrid), he landed a moonlight and did butrones in several industrial buildings and in Madrid they robbed with force in a mobile phone shop from where they stole material valued at € 100,000.

Record balance

Once the members of the gang were identified by investigators from the two police forces, the exploitation phase of the operation began. Last June, a farm in the town of Villaconejos (Madrid) was registered. 10 people were arrested, in this property sports equipment, of a well-known brand, was recovered, worth € 300,000, a motorcycle, a large cylinder tourism and a van that had been stolen.

Days later, two workers from a transport company who were involved in the theft of this sports equipment were arrested. These people diverted part of the genre they had to deposit in the central warehouses of the company that owns this genre and deposited it in a premises rented by one of them, where another search was carried out in Madrid and a large quantity of clothing was discovered. brand for an approximate value of € 100,000.

In July, 15 simultaneous registrations were carried out, 9 in Madrid, another in Rivas-Vaciamadrid and in the province of Toledo, 3 registrations in Ugena, one in Nambroca and another in Seseña.

As a result of these records, the remaining 8 people who were part of this criminal group have been arrested, one of them with more than 200 criminal acts to his credit, and firearms, a submachine gun and 3 small arms have been seized, all ammunitioned and ready to be used and with the numbering erased, a compressed air pistol, chargers, numerous ammunition of different calibers and about € 17,000

Likewise, 3 high-performance marijuana facilities were dismantled and 141 plants and 41 grams of this drug, already dried and packaged for distribution, were seized.

The operation has been coordinated by the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 2 of Ocaña (Toledo) and has been developed by the Heritage Group of the Organic Unit of Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Toledo and the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police of the Madrid National Police Corps with the support of the Helicopter Unit of the Civil Guard Air Service (UHEL), the Reserve and Security Group No. 1, the USECIC of the Toledo Command and various Citizen Security Units.


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